Life Coaching

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Life is a journey and one to be enjoyed. Life Coaching facilitates you into making positive changes that will help you flourish in all areas of your life and become the best you can be for yourself - as well as the important people in your life. 


Life is not easy and rarely goes the way we anticipate, at times we can feel stuck, even aimless knowing that we are not fulfilled or in which direction to go.

Life Coaching will assist you in:

  • Identifying then defining clear goals (aligned to your values) and then achieving those goals.

  • Guide you through the changes and any obstacles your met with.

  • Achieve a balance between ‘Being’ and ‘Doing’ that will help you get where you want to without losing    yourself in the process.

Types of Therapy include;

  • Career 

  • Retirement and other life stages

  • Redundancy

  • Communication and assertiveness training

  • Work-life balance

  • Relationships

  • Health and wellness

  • Stress management

  • Personal development including confidence and self-esteem

  • Finding purpose and direction


The 5 Coaching aspects of Personal Development;

1. Spiritual Development


Spirituality is important whether you are religious or not. When you work on improving your spirituality, you are working on creating a deeper connection with the world around you. This allows you to learn more about yourself and what you truly want in life.

2. Emotional Development


This is a more difficult area of development to work on because how you react to things emotionally is not something that you can easily change. However, remember that you can improve this and gradually you can do better when it comes to not allowing your emotions to control you. 

3. Mental Development


Your mental development will greatly affect your relationships, career and your education because it allows you a much better capacity for learning and knowing when to alter your reactions. Mental development is one that never ends and you never actually finish becoming a mentally stronger person.

4. Social  Development


Everyone has some social tendencies that they would like to work on and this is where social development comes into play. You need to be able to effectively communicate with all kinds of people to be socially successful. 

5. Physical  Development


 Even if you are generally healthy, there are always things you can do to further expand upon your current state of health. Feeling healthy is just as important as looking healthy! 

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Personal Development Courses

Personal Development is a way of maximising your true potential. 

​By undertaking one of my courses we will work in collaboration to create a tangible plan for your personal growth. To be able to see the improvements you want in your life, you must first develop the necessary attributes as a person, many individuals lead fantastic lives but never truly find out who they are or their true purpose.

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Want a life with purpose and passion but not sure where to begin?

Fed up of getting to the launch pad but never launching?

Personal Development Coaching

Now taking bookings from January onwards.